Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trick Explosion!

So, Joshua has had a "trick explosion!" In the last week, he has figured out the following:

Joshua, what does a bear say? "Rawr!" (It's much more adorable that I can do it justice on the web. I'll try to capture video ...)

How big is Joshua? Lifts his hands semi above his head and kinda wiggles his fingers.

He is FINALLY at least attempting to clap--instead of clapping, he holds his hands in front of himself, palms down and lifts his hands up and down over and over so that they hit each other on the way up and down. Clapping--Josh style.

Although he has spent absolutely zero time around his Uncle Jordan (which is actually a very sad thing to realize) he has discovered there is a whole on his face. Two of them in fact. And when he is confused or overwhelmed, he sticks his little finger into his nostril. What the ... ?!

He has finally mastered the mouth trick where he takes a finger, wiggles it and hits his lips/mouth and makes a noise. In fact, he just tonight figured out how to make the "bla-er bla-er bla-er" noise without his fingers. So he just sits in his car seat using his tongue to make the sound. Hilarious! (Just yesterday, he was still putting one hand up to his mouth, and then attempting to hit his lips like Mommy to make the cool noise, but with his other hand. So instead of making the cool noise, he just ended up slobbering all over one hand, while aimlessly waving his fingers in front of his chin with the other hand. Again, HILARIOUS!)

He is slowly but surely learning the sign for "All done"--though it's still always followed by a mischievous grin and food throwing.

He also lifts his arms now in the classic "All gone?" or "Where'd it go?" motion.

He points up the stairs, and then to his crib when he wants to take a nap. (I LOVE this one!!)

He says "Brrrrrrrrr" for ball, balloon and bird.

And now something like "Ni-Na" seems to be a word for lights. Not sure why ....

QUITE the explosion of tricks!!

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