Saturday, May 26, 2012

23 Weeks: Baby Boo

We've discovered a nickname for our baby girl: Baby Boo. :) Love it!

I feel huge. I know I'm not, but I feel like I am! I don't remember this .... people always said you kinda forget, and it's true! I look in the mirror, and I do a double take--and then I wonder how much more I'll do double takes in the next 16ish weeks. :/

I have the most annoying pain right by my left ribs whenever I eat. I remember it with Joshua, but I don't remember it starting so early. (I think with Baby Boo I started noticing it around 17 weeks.) Anytime I eat, this ache/numb/tingly feeling creeps into this left side spot kind of at the bottom of my ribs. I imagine it's my stomach, completely and utterly squished, bulging and hitting some nerve and causing discomfort.

No matter what it is, it's annoying. That, with heartburn, are my worst pregnancy complaints. Otherwise, I'm feeling great! Oh--and sore feet. Sore, sore, sore feet.

I can't quite believe I'm 23 weeks into this! Baby Boo is soooo active from 9pm-11pm. She specially loves it when I lay pretty flat on the couch with my legs on the ottoman, or when I'm flat on my back in bed. She just goes nuts! Uncle Michael got to feel her dance moves the other night, as did Erik. It's so fun to be able to share that!

Joshua still hugs and kisses Boo all the time. If anyone else talks about their baby--like a little friend of his at the YMCA--Joshua gets quite adamant that the baby is right here--and points emphatically at my belly. Such a good big brother!

So, here we are--23 weeks. Loving it, but seriously seriously wondering about the next (hopefully 15) weeks.... :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cuteness Lately: Joshua Nelson Lindeen, age 2

Joshua brings so much joy into my life. From using various sign language, skilled acting, and animal sounds to tell me about his day at the zoo, to attempting sentences and saying "Please mama, yes mama, please", to signing "more" over and over again to get me to play chase in the gym at the Y .... He is stinkin' hilarious.

Cuteness lately:

He has these hand-me-down water shoes that he adores; he will not stick his feet in the kiddy pool without them.

Erik took him to the zoo today, and he saw a person dressed up in a lion costume. It FREAKED him out. He later woke up from his 3 1/2 epic nap saying, "Wow wow wow wow!" I happened to be in there checking on him, and he was sleeping, then waking as he said this. I think he was still dreaming, because he stood up and adamantly pointed to a bare spot in his crib, and said, "Y-en" (Lion) I think he really was seeing the lion there! We then proceeded to have a long conversation in which he explained to me with facial expressions, body shakes, hand motions, and multiple "roars" and scared "eh eh eh" noises that he had quite a scare with a lion at the zoo. 

He's getting a smattering of freckles across his nose. I'm not sure how I feel about this ... I've never disliked my freckles, so it's not a matter of a mommy passing down her insecurities. I think it's just that they make him look older! It's changing his face--and it's weird! But they're pretty cute too...

He LOVES to help water the flowers. So much so, that he watered them by himself. A lot. And now they're dying. We'll see if they come back from their near-drowning ...

He also loves Toy Story. He often asks for "Buh---eee" which seemed to be a combo of "Buzz" and "Woody" until just recently when he learned to say "Wooooody!"

One of his favorite activities is scrolling through my screensaver photos on my computer. He loves seeing his family!

He dropped his full body weight via his elbow onto my stomach today. Poor mama got hit on both sides--Joshua's weight, and Baby Girl kicking HARD right back at him! Ah, the sibling love is oozing already. :)

He's finally eating a form of chicken other than nuggets--BBQ shredded chicken. Hallelujah!

He is so good at saying "bye"--to everything! Not just people! He'll say bye to the park, bye to the bath water, bye to the movie, by to "outside"--it's like his way of agreeing with us that, yes, it's time to go. Love it!

I could go on .... the kid is just freakin' adorable. In every way. :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bedtime Conversation

Erik and I want to start the practice young--even now, when Joshua barely talks--of using bedtime as a way to connect with our children on their day. The joys, the disappointments, the successes. So lately, more and more, instead of telling Joshua what we did today, I've been asking him. Here's how tonight's conversation went:

M: Joshua, what did you do today?
J: Mmmmm .... unintelligible strings of words.
M: Did you go to Ms. Shawn's house? (Daycare)
J: Yesh. head nod.
M: What did you do there?
J: Mmm...thinking hard...Um....*makes hand motion for digging.*
M: Oh, did you play in the sand?
J: Yesh. head nod.
M: At the park?
J: Yesh. head nod.
M: Did you play with Grayson? And Gracie?
J: Yesh. always with the emphatic head nod.
M: Do you like to go to Ms. Shawn's and have lots of fun?
J: head nod.
M: We thank Jesus for Ms. Shawn because you love to go there, and you feel safe!
J: silent, considering my statement, and then ... Yesh. head nod.
M: Then, did we go to Target? The store? And ride in the cart?
J: Yesh! Yellow! pointing at his tongue (Joshua calls Icee's at Target "yellow"--why? I have no idea.)
M: Yes! We did have a Icee. And did we buy a basketball?
J: Yesh. Eh eh eh *putting fists to eyes*
M: Yes, and you got new sunglasses and a new swimsuit!
J: Yesh. pulls down quilt to point to pajama shorts Eh eh eh
M: Tomorrow you can wear your swimsuit and play in the pool. Did Mama set up your pool today so you could play in the water?
J: Yesh. el-le-el-le-el-le-la *makes noise for fishy*
M: And we got the fishes and you put them in the pool! That was fun. And did we go to pick up Daddy from work?
J: Yesh. Car. Daddy.
M: And did it rain while we were in the car? Was the water hitting the car?
J: thinking very hard ... Mmmmm.... Yesh. head nod.
M: What else did you do today? Oh--did you go to breakfast with Daddy?
J: Yesh. Mmm... peew-peew-peew!
M: And you watched a Spiderman?
J: Yesh. head nod.
M: And did Uncle Mike come for a quick dinner? And wrestle with you?
J: Yesh. head nod.
M: Do you love Uncle Mike? Are you happy he can come visit so much?
J: Yesh. Turtles. Bop.
M: Yes, Buddy, the turtles and Grandpa love you too.
J: Daddy, turtles, Bop, T.V., peew-peew-peew-peew!
M: Yes, Daddy, turtles, Bop, T.V. and Spiderman all love you. And Grandad, and Grammie, and Grandma, and your aunties and uncles and cousins--
J: Mama!
M: And Mama--we all love you very much. And Baby Girl loves you too.
J: says name for Baby Girl and turns around to pat and kiss my tummy.
M: Very nice Joshua. You're going to be a very good big brother.
J: Yesh. head nod.
M: It was a good day and Mama is very proud of you!
J: Yesh. head nod. Ror!
M: Yes, lion. Sleepytime baby. Night night. I love you Joshua. Say I love you?
J: Ah-do, Mama.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Oh How Life Has Changed

Mother's Day in 2009 ... I purposefully scheduled a weekend getaway so as to not have to be at church.

(Granted, I mixed up my dates, and we actually had our getaway the weekend before Mother's Day, so I ended up still at church that morning. But you get the point--I did NOT want to be there.) 

Mother's Day 2010 ... I had a 2 week old! Quite a change from the year before.

Mother's Day 2011 ... I hardly remember. Our life had just been turned upside down, and that following weekend we were headed to Madison, WI to see what God had in store for us at Ezra Church. It's a blur to me! 

Mother's Day 2012 ... I'm pregnant with Baby Girl, halfway done! I'm heads over heels in love with my little buddy, Joshua, and incredibly blessed to do life with a man who loves me as unconditionally as a human can. 

I feel like this is the first Mother's Day that I truly experienced as a mother. 2010 I was barely a mom--still sleep walking, and recovering from natural delivery. :) 2011 was, like I said, a blur. This year--this year--I really appreciated the day, and felt truly appreciated. By my husband, who let me take a nap, go shopping and eat pizza and by my son, who is old enough now to give me random hugs, say "I-ol-u, Mama!" (I love you, Mama!), and ask me to "cuddlecuddlecuddle" relentlessly.

Motherhood--what a long awaited, and incredibly cherished blessing.

Happy future Mother's Day to all of you out there who wish-hope-dream to be mothers someday. I've been there, and I know how this day can pierce a heart ... Claim Psalm 62:5 this morning .... Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. And focus today on cherishing the mothers in your life!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear Joshua: What a Good Little Boy

Dear Joshua,

My goodness, you are turning into such a good little boy. There are so many things that you do in a day that cause this mama to just sigh in gratitude, and shake my head in wonder, and stifle a giggle in awe of your curiosity, tenderness, craziness.

You are definitely a two year old, and I love seeing the changes in you! You are still my baby--wanting to cuddle, loving to be carried, needing so much assistance in so many ways. But you are definitely my two year old baby--independent, sometimes defiant, emotional and so so so curious! I love it.

I love how everything has a place, and you are quite sure where everything goes. A few weeks ago, you adamantly lined up two drumsticks on two separate floor vents. Apparently, that's where they belonged. When I ask you to put things away, you know exactly where they go, and you put them there! Except for the plate that you insisted belonged in the garbage tonight, even though I kept pointing to the dishwasher. (We finally compromised on the sink.)

You close doors, turn off lights, put away toys (when asked, after completely dumping out everything as any good toddler would.) I love how you always put the bathroom stool away in the closet--I don't think I even taught you that. You just decided it one day!

You are going to be a great big brother--I see you feed your Spiderman man action figure, and know you'll take even better care of your sister. :)

You are going to be a great big brother! Tonight while I was praying and singing a song to you, you snuggled down low on my lap, laid your head on my 20 week pregnant belly, said something in gibberish and patted my tummy. Then, with your cheek resting on your baby sister, and your right arm circling my midsection, you kissed the baby and said, "Hi!"

Seriously, you are too cute.

Joshua, I love you!

Friday, May 4, 2012

20 Weeks: Garage Sale-ing

     Baby Girl Lindeen is 20 weeks along! It was a perfect time to find out Baby L is a "she", since the community wide garage sale is going on! I found a BUNCH of adorable pink items all at homes in walking distance of my house today. Good stuff!


Tiny little white cords!

Ugh, this one won't rotate! But love it!

This one won't rotate either, but I LOOOOVE this dress!

Brand new, never worn, loving it!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby L is a Girl!

Wait, what's this? (I had to draw an elephant on the back so he'd look at it!)

Yay! This is cool!

Yay! I really am excited ...
Baby L, 19w6d, HR 153, 12 oz, profile 

The lab tech who took all of the 96 ultrasound photos today kept saying that our baby girl is "stunning" and a "pleasure to scan". Her heart looks great, her spine is beautiful, she has all her limbs, her lips look perfect, her kidneys and bladder are functioning. The doctor who reviewed the images said, "She's awesome!" and the lab tech said, "Whatever you're doin, mama, is working for her--so keep on doing it!"

We are shocked--I didn't have a gut feel either way. Just this morning I was reading a passage in the Bible about Joshua and Caleb, and I got all teary, so I was pretty sure we were going to have brothers. (We'd love to use the name Caleb someday--that's why I got teary.) But God knew we needed a girl, and Joshua needed a sister! We are so excited!!!!!