Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crafty Craft Maker and a Football Fan

When I married my husband, I appreciated greatly that he wasn't a massive football fan.

When my husband married me, he appreciated greatly that I wasn't a crafty craft maker.

My husband now watches lots of football and apparently I'm doing crafts.


(I blame his change in habits on Wisconsin. My change is, I believe, purely pregnancy related).

Below are before and after shots of my first attempt at something with fabric, cutting, ironing and glue.

 Only one side doesn't have random cut marks, glue seepage, or seams, but hey--that's one whole side that looks nice! Whoot Whoot!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

30 Weeks: Ouch! That Hurts Mama!

My goodness, this little girl is a feisty one. I felt her early, and I felt her easily. At 12 weeks this little one was dancing away, hard enough for me to notice, and at now 30 weeks, her pirouettes and back handsprings are actually causing me to have some painful moments! Just a moment ago, I jumped and exclaimed, "Ouch!" to no one in particular. Yesterday, I was standing with my weight shifted to one leg, and she decided to throw her body weight in the same direction and I almost fell over! This little 3-ish pound girl is giving me a run for my money--already! 

As I'm sure most pregnant women do, I try to get Erik to understand and appreciate the experience I'm having--but words rarely get the job done. So the other night, I cuddled up right next to him in bed, and my big ole belly rested against his side. True to form, Baby Boo was awake and active--and Daddy finally caught a glimpse of what it's like to be Mommy at 10:30pm! Combining hiccups and karate, she put on quite a show for her dad, who simply said, "Wow--it's constant!!" And I said, "Yep--welcome to my life." :) 

Her knobby knees, bony elbows, tiny little behind and super hard head all bump around inside me, at all hours, and leave me envisioning this tiny little lady in a pink tutu, twirling and spinning her way into our lives. 

I'm so excited!!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dear Joshua: Can you be Peter Pan?

I know every mother goes through this, but .... does he really have to grow up?

I mean, can't he be Peter Pan or something and stay like this forever?

(Now, I don't actually really like that idea, because I truly have enjoyed each and every stage, and so based on that experience for far I can assume that I will love and appreciate each and every stage from here on out.)

Some of my favorites lately ...

I love how you say "Hulk smash!" and smash your little right leg down on the floor. #cutestvoiceever.

I love how you make a chipmunk face whenever you see a chipmunk, squirrel, or sloth. #slightlyconfused

I love how you say, "Oooh, mama!" when you're looking for me (though I don't necessarily love hearing my cherished title 100 times in ten minutes. We counted. For real.) #littlebitoverwhelming

I love how somehow you're still able to curl yourself around my growing belly and nestled your head on my chest and fall asleep. #iknowthiswontlastforever

I love how you're at that perfect toddler size--chubby, sturdy legs, oversized head, stocky little body. #youreperfect

I love how you're so proud that you can now jump out of your highchair all by yourself, and you still proclaim your accomplishment every time. #absolutelyadorable

I love how your imagination is expanding and you're really learning to play. #somuchfun

I love how you tell lots of stories--in gibberish. But what's great, is I can often follow along! #fluentintwolanguagesnow

I love how everything is exciting--Nemo, the car, dancing with the Wii, playing ball, Baby Boo, Spiderman, your aunties, crackers ... #everything. :)

Joshua, I love you so much. My dear Joshua ... don't be Peter Pan, but please, remind your Mommy to pause, take note, and thoroughly enjoy this beautiful toddler stage. #don'tletmeforget

I love my little buddy!