Monday, November 14, 2011

Dear Joshua: I love how you love your Daddy ....

But maybe you could choose a word for Mommy? 

It's pretty funny when I arrive to pick you up from the kids' room at the Y and you see me, delightedly smile, and shout, "Daddy!!!" 

It's super adorable that when Daddy is out of the house you wander around looking for him, calling, "Daddyyy? Dadddyyy?" 

And it's also super cute that when I take a shower, or open the garage door, or turn on lights in the music room, you say, "Daddyyy?" as if you expect him to be in those places. 

It's definitely pretty sweet when I lay you down to sleep, all cuddled up in the quilt your Grammie made for your Daddy years ago, after singing and giggling with me in the most precious way for 20 minutes, you sigh softly, flutter your eyes, and say, "Daddy?"

It's all super funny, adorable, cute and sweet .... but I sure would love to hear you say Mommy! 

To my sweet little boy, I love you. You can call me Daddy for the rest of your life, as long as you love me forever, and always let me love you. 

Kisses little one ... Mommy who is often called Daddy loves you so much.

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