Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dear Rebecca: I see you, I hear you

I've been getting into the show "Parenthood" the last few weeks. It's what I watch when I'm nursing Becca and Joshua isn't around to entertain me. There's an episode where two of the characters are in marriage counseling, and the husband keeps using the phrase "I see you and I hear you." 
I often find myself saying this exact phrase to my adorable daughter. 

Rebecca, Mama sees you and Mama hears you. 

This sweet little girl--this miraculous gift from God--just wants to chat. She'll be in the middle of nursing and I'll glance down and there she is, twinkling eyes and huge bubbly grin.  

I see you and I hear you. 
I'll sit her up to burp her and I'll pause for just a second because I know that as soon as her eyes focus and she hones in on my face I'll be rewarded with the biggest grin ever, complete with drooly lips and a body wiggle. 
I see you and I hear you.

As I bustle around the house, or rapid-fire reply to emails between a feeding and the soon-to-follow nap time, she sits in her bouncer or swing and coos at her animal friends. I'll glance over every now and then and see my baby girl, eyes searching for someone to talk to. The panda on the toy bar just doesn't always cut it.

I see you and I hear you. 

When I take a moment to put down the food I'm cooking or the laundry I'm folding and simply stick my face in front of hers I am reminded: all this little one wants is me. All she is asking for is a hello. A howdy do. A moment in time to see my face and respond. 
I see you and I hear you. 

That smile melts my heart every. single. time. 
That grin causes laughter to bubble up inside me. 
That new found "coo" and "goo" and the beginnings of a giggle bring me so much sunshine on these cloudy days that I just don't know how I ever lived my life without you, Rebecca. You are my sunshine. You are my joy. 

I see you, and I hear you, and I am forever grateful that you are mine.

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