Sunday, January 6, 2013

I am MOM {don't breathe on me!}

the diet for everyone right now
I can hardly type--the chaffing red skin on my fingers is quite painful. Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes the culprits. 

Now I know! Now I know what it's like to be a mom and have a stomach bug enter my home. I've been a mom for over 2 1/2 years, and this was my first (and still is I guess...) experience with a nasty virus like this. Luckily for me, not so luckily for them, Joshua's bug hit hard on Grammie and Grandad's watch. But what I thought I missed out on followed us from Minnesota home to Wisconsin. 

acting sick with mommy
 In the past 48 hours I've cleaned up puke, wiped up splatter, washed down cupboard doors, rinsed off Legos, sanitized light switches, mixed up Pedialyte (kid still won't drink it...), said many prayers, changed messy messy MESSY diapers in the tub to contain the mess, done lots of laundry, avoided my husband like the plague because, well, he sure sounded like maybe he had it while he was puking in the bathroom at 1am. 

trying to touch our tongues to our noses
And I've found myself avoiding my son. It's so sad! I see him huddled on the couch with his tigers and blankets, or half heartedly doing a puzzle downstairs and I smile at him and keep my distance. 

I do it for myself, and for my 3 month old. But let's be honest--I really do it for myself. :) 

smiling big to make the germs go away
And yet, when that little boy shuffled over to the chair I was sitting in and wiggled his way onto my lap, I let my defenses down. At first I stiffened, and tried to turn my face and body away from him so as to not catch his germs. But as he muttered softly under his breath something about Mama and tummy, my heart melted. I reached for the sanitizing wipes, held my breath, gave him a kiss on the head and cuddled in close. I am a MOM ... now let's hope I don't get sick.

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