Friday, June 5, 2009

Car Conversation Number One: Holy ... Who?

I don't know what you and your husband (or wife, or friend, or whatever) talk about while tootling around town, but I can tell you what Erik and I talk about.

The Holy Spirit.

Yep, that's right! How weird are we? We were driving around in Westminster, I think heading to a youth group event, and we were discussing the Holy Spirit and all of the complexities surrounding that. Isn't that great! I love being a pastor's wife! (Actually, it has absolutely little to do with being a pastor's wife; it's really just because we love God and get a kick out of talking about Him!)

So anyway, it occurred to both of us (and this wasn't the first time) how sad/funny it is that the poor Spirit gets, like, no credit or attention! Pretty much because most Christians like to avoid what we don't understand, and most Christians don't understand the Holy Spirit, therefore, He gets avoided!

We easily talk about what God is doing in our lives, and how the Father loves us so much and how thankful we are that Christ died for us ... and then we totally skip the Spirit.

But, what's so hilarious about the whole thing, is the Spirit's doin' a lot of the work right now!

You know when we all pray to Jesus? "Dear Jesus, please give me strength to go to work today and help me to love my husband and spread your love to people I meet..." The Holy Spirit is the one who does all that! Jesus--well, He's chillin' at the right hand of the throne of God! His work is done for now! He's relaxing! (please don't take me too literally here.)

Jesus told us that He would be leaving us and sending a Helper in His place to guide us and give us power. The Spirit is the one here with us now--not Christ! And yet, we're perfectly comfortable to sit back and ignore Him. To gloss over the stories and the verses in the Bible that show the Spirit coming on Christians with power and doing mighty works.

Why are we so freaked out about the Holy Spirit? Why do we ignore Him? In my opinion, He's like, the coolest one right now! He's so active in our lives, and so full of power to affect this world through us, and yet...we don't take advantage of that potential.

So that's what Erik and I discussed in the car one day. I just thought I'd share. :)


  1. I can like, totally tell you work with youth ;) I liked reading this- and it is SO true! ~Beth

  2. YES!! the holy spirit is alive and well and sometimes we forget that. i'll tell you one tihng....i know for sure when he's around and it's awesome :)

  3. It's refreshing to see where you guys are at and know how much you love the Lord. AND actually acknowledge his presence via the Holy Spirit! We both think you guys are doing a good job.
    DUUUUUUDETTE, you so totally rock. Oh wait, kids don't talk that way anymore do they????? Awww man, I'm not up to the cool standards of my kid am I.