Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Week 22: Come Out?

Your baby come out yet?

No, not yet!

Why he not out yet?

Because he needs to get big and strong!

My baby come out. My baby Katelyn!

Yes, your baby (sister) did come out!

When your baby come out?

When the snow melts away.


Yes, snow. When the snow is gone, Bubba will come out.

Oh. My baby come out!

Yes, Renny, I know your baby came out.

4 minutes later ...

Your baby come out yet?

I just spent a week in Minnesota with my darling nieces and nephews. Everyone is super excited for Bubba to make his appearance--especially Serenity! Every few hours she would start the above conversation with me. Ya gotta love 2 year olds! It was especially fun to answer the question "Where is your baby?" and have her look at my belly with wide eyes when I pointed. Pregnancy is fun in and of itself, but with kids around who ask awesome questions, it's a blast!

Also, big news this week, I saw Bubba moving for the first time! Sunday night I laid on the couch for like, an hour just watching my stomach roll one way and then the other. I even got Erik to stare long enough to see a little punch! How exhilarating!!


  1. Big smile from Grammie,too! It was fun to watch the nieces and nephews excited about Bubba's soon arrival!