Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 24: Ummm....This is Hilarious

So, my last post, as you noticed, was titled "Week 25: I Forgot".

Today I actually scheduled time to blog and had a topic in mind. I thought I was blogging for the previous week, Week 25, like I normally do. (I'm always a week behind, because I try to blog what was on my mind for the labeled week. Anyway...)

Much to my surprise, Week 25 is already posted--as previously stated.


I literally scratched my head in confusion. So I looked at the blog list--there's no Week 24. Where's Week 24? What the ... ??

I actually DID forget Week 24!!

See, when I posted the "I Forgot" blog, I hadn't really forgotten. I just was lazy, apathetic, and didn't have the brain power to come up with a topic. But I hadn't exactly forgotten I thought! Apparently, I HAD!


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