Friday, September 10, 2010

Vacation with a Four Month Old

If you know us, you know we can be a little crazy. 

So you won't be surprised when I tell you that we just took a vacation with Joshua to Breckenridge, CO. 

Yes, yes--we are crazy. 

But to be completely honest, when I stop being overly dramatic and negative and look intstead at the positive, we had a wonderful time. 

Did I get a break from nursing? No. 
Did I vacation from nap schedules? No. 
Did I receive rest instead of sleepless nights? No. Not even close. 

But did I lounge in my pajamas? Yes. 
Did I giggle in bed with Josh instead of getting up to work? Yes. 
Did I take lots of walks in near perfect weather? Yes. 
Did I soak up sunshine with my smiley baby boy? Yes. 
Did I indulge in good food and lots of popcorn? Yes. 
Did Erik and I watch an entire season of Everwood? Yes. 
Did I start and finish two novels? Yes. 
Did I kick back with good friends and a glass of wine? Yes. 
Did I sing Patti Cake and Head & Shoulders multiple times just to make Josh smile? Yes. 
Did I stay off Facebook and the Internet for the whole week? Yes. 
Did I converse with my husband over coffee and Bibles? Yes. 

Did I vacation? 


I may be just as exhausted as when I left, but boy am I glad we went. Motherhood changes everything ... for the better.

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