Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Baby Changes ... Everything!

Currently, at 9:54pm, I am sitting at my dining room table and this is what I'm noticing:

Rapid movement
Random noises
Intense focus
Bodily function noises
and a being terrorizing our cats.

Did we get a puppy? No. We have an 8 month old. Who won't stay asleep. 

He didn't agree with us at 7pm when we said bedtime. Apparently he wanted to join Mommy and Daddy at their special steak dinner.
He didn't listen when Daddy said, "Sleepytime!" at 7:30 and Mommy had to come to the rescue. He gave in for a while, but decided to put up a fight again at 9, partly due to a bad cough that woke him up. Secretly, I think he knew we were watching PSYCH without and was jealous. He smelled the popcorn, I'm sure.
And now, at 9:58pm, after two more attempts at bedtime soothing and rocking, Joshua is army crawling frantically from one end of the dining room to ...


Ok, I'm back. I had to do a finger swipe and retrieve what I believe to be petrified banana chunks from his mouth. I guess I should vacuum tomorrow.

Now he's sitting on Daddy's lap, reaching for the Mac and slobbering all over the table.

A baby changes everything--evening plans, dinner plans, T.V. plans, blogging plans, cleaning plans ... and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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