Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Being a Woman is Confusing

Ever shopped for underwear?

Kill me now. 

Top of the "hate to shop for" list for many women is:

Shopping for bras.
Shopping for swimsuits.
Shopping for jeans.

I now have a number 4--shopping for underwear.

I was at Gap Body.

For like, 35 minutes. Paralyzed at a shelf of brightly colored underwear, incapable of deciding which cut of "panty" I wanted.

I don't know! I just want it to fit! 

I dug, and read tags, and asked my sister, and listened to my mom's advice, and hemmed and hawed ... for 35 minutes. 35 minutes! I'm pretty sure the employee (who was nearby the whole time, and never once offered clarifying assistance ...) thought I was at least slightly crazy. Or at least overly dramatic. The latter would be correct, of course.

Do I want hipster? or girl short? or tanga? (what the heck is tanga?) or thong? or high cut? or bikini? and if I want bikini, do I want teeny bikini? or low rise bikini? or ultra low rise bikini?! and what IS the difference?!?!?

And don't even get me started on colors, patterns and fabrics.

why is underwear shopping so hard? 

Well, it's not like if you make the wrong decision you can return the product.

You're STUCK with it. For-ev-er.

My drawer is full of ill-purchased panties that aren't what I expected.


The drama of being a woman ...


  1. I sold underwear (and bras) until about 4 days ago. And you can return them to us...we'll just damage them out if the tags are off and it seems sketchy. You can usually try them on too for fit and size, provided you try them on over your own.
    And p.s., a tanga is usually (normal) low-rise, 'peekaboo' coverage in the back, which means it cuts up a little, about halfway.

  2. Now, I for one, enjoy underwear shopping the way some women enjoy shoe shopping. A friend once told me that a woman should feel cute each day, even if it's only because of the underwear she's wearing. So, I take that to heart. A good way to feel cute on frumpy days.