Monday, May 23, 2011

44 days

A few nights ago, I was at a really low point. I'm realizing it has kinda sorta maybe been a really rollercoaster-y 6 weeks, and my breaking point was rapidly approaching.

We only just were informed (by God) about our life direction change toward Ezra Church on April 9, 2011.

April 9th. That was only 44 days ago.

44 days.

And in that 44 days, we have experienced:

the excitement of realizing an adventure is upon us
the incredible grief of announcing this life change to my parents and sisters
the bittersweet emotions of preparing to leave our Discovery family
the yucky-ness of telling our students
the thrill of visiting Madison/Ezra for the first time
the reality check of visiting Madison/Ezra for the first time
the shock and devastation of losing a student's father to cancer
the sadness of leaving the only home we've known as a married couple
the stress of packing and decluttering a home for listing
the fatigue of processing various emotions
the awkwardness of each feeling differently than the other
the questions of the unknown future
the peace of knowing this is right

It has been a crazy 44 days. And I'm sure the next 44 will bring their own surprises. I just hope I can continue to learn how to process. emote. vent. pray. trust. and let go.

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