Friday, January 20, 2012

Future Me: Make time for silliness

Is anyone else pinching themselves that it's 2012 already? I just still can't believe it. And, yet, I can. Time flies when you're having fun ... right?

Life is fun. Right? I think so.

I love finding the fun in the routine of life. I think it's pretty great to find the silly in the middle of the normal. Having a toddler sure does make this task easier, that's for sure. It's super easy to discover wackiness in the midst of unanswered emails, dirty floors, crusty dishes, wrinkled laundry, and endless errands when Joshua's around.

I hope I never turn into one of those moms who snaps at her child's silliness. I never want to silence the giggles, or ignore the flirtatious glances of my son. I hope I always give the moments, take the time, pause and partake in the quirky randomness of my Joshua Nelson.

He's just so darn funny!

I seriously never knew that a one year old could have so much personality! The eyebrows, the eyes, the cheeks, the lips, the expressions this child can display surprise me daily.

The flash dance moments, the intense interest in ever changing things, the flawless innocence of one who has yet to be scarred by this world ... the clingy moments, the "I do it!" moments, the discovery moments, the new words, the unintelligible conversations, the moments of surprise and wonder ... these are the things I hope I never ignore. I hope I'm never too busy for.
I hope I never push him aside, too focused on my task to give just a moment for silliness, quirkiness, discovery and wonder.

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