Friday, February 3, 2012

Thoughts in my head

I have a dear friend who always says, "So, I was thinking in my head ..."

Well that's where thinking occurs, right? At least for most of us ...

And I often catch myself or my mom saying, "Well, I was talking out loud ..."

Isn't that how all talking occurs? Out loud?

Just some thoughts I had in my head that I wanted to share.


I borrowed a suitcase from my dad. Every time I open it, I smell the distinct scent of Polo and coffee grounds. The aromas of my daddy. 

I love my brother. He called me tonight and peppered me with questions about something in my life that he felt out of the loop on. That's so sweet--he wants to be in my loop of life. Love. 

I love how people across the country are always shocked when I explain that, no, Denver is not always covered in drifts of snow. No wonder people are confused ... when it does snow in Denver, it makes national news. What a crazy state...

I am a little unnerved about the fact that I'm doing the Myers Briggs certification course in March. Why? I haven't been in class in a very. very. long time. Not sure if I can sit and be attentive from 8-5, four days in a row. 

I made a good choice yesterday ... and a bad choice today. See images.

My son is adorable. Just sayin'...

I still feel like Denver is home. I wonder when--or if--that feeling will ever fade? I kinda hope not ... 

I've read two novels (in the middle of the second) in the past 48 hours. Completely unrelated by authorship, publisher etc, yet both books have had strong themes of generational sin and free will. What should I be thinking in my head about this?

I'm so blessed ... the one time I had to leave a day early for a work trip to beat a snowstorm and that work trip just happened to be to a beautiful resort hotel in a warm climate. I could have just as easily been spending an extra 30 hours in Cincinnati or somewhere else just as dreary.

These were just some of the thoughts I was thinking in my head. And I didn't have anyone to talk out loud to, so I thought I'd blog. Thanks for listening ... er, reading.

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