Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dear Joshua: Can you be Peter Pan?

I know every mother goes through this, but .... does he really have to grow up?

I mean, can't he be Peter Pan or something and stay like this forever?

(Now, I don't actually really like that idea, because I truly have enjoyed each and every stage, and so based on that experience for far I can assume that I will love and appreciate each and every stage from here on out.)

Some of my favorites lately ...

I love how you say "Hulk smash!" and smash your little right leg down on the floor. #cutestvoiceever.

I love how you make a chipmunk face whenever you see a chipmunk, squirrel, or sloth. #slightlyconfused

I love how you say, "Oooh, mama!" when you're looking for me (though I don't necessarily love hearing my cherished title 100 times in ten minutes. We counted. For real.) #littlebitoverwhelming

I love how somehow you're still able to curl yourself around my growing belly and nestled your head on my chest and fall asleep. #iknowthiswontlastforever

I love how you're at that perfect toddler size--chubby, sturdy legs, oversized head, stocky little body. #youreperfect

I love how you're so proud that you can now jump out of your highchair all by yourself, and you still proclaim your accomplishment every time. #absolutelyadorable

I love how your imagination is expanding and you're really learning to play. #somuchfun

I love how you tell lots of stories--in gibberish. But what's great, is I can often follow along! #fluentintwolanguagesnow

I love how everything is exciting--Nemo, the car, dancing with the Wii, playing ball, Baby Boo, Spiderman, your aunties, crackers ... #everything. :)

Joshua, I love you so much. My dear Joshua ... don't be Peter Pan, but please, remind your Mommy to pause, take note, and thoroughly enjoy this beautiful toddler stage. #don'tletmeforget

I love my little buddy!

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