Monday, October 22, 2012

Guitar Picks & Bobby Pins

Everywhere I go in this house, I find guitar picks

On the kitchen table, kitchen counters, kitchen floors.

In Joshua's toy bins, between the couch cushions, on the piano bench.

On the dryer, in the lint trap, on the basement floor.

Guitar picks are everywhere. 

This used to irritate me. I'd think, Why can't he just keep them all in one place? When is he going to be more responsible with his picks? {frustrated sigh} {musicians}

Then one day I noticed something ...

Everywhere I go in this house, I find bobby pins

Wedged in the carpet, caught under pillows, slipped under shelves.

On the counters, in the car cup holders, on the end table. 

On the dryer, in the lint trap, on the basement floor.

Bobby pins are everywhere. 

This has never irritated me. Why? 

Because the bobby pins are mine.

The guitar picks are his.

Why is it that we (and by "we" I mean wives) see only the things our husbands do and not the things that we do? (by "things" I mean potentially irritating things).

I'm not better than he; and he is no better than I. We each have our oddities; we each have our strengths. We choose to do this life together and therefore ...

Guitar picks and bobby pins are everywhere. 
And always will be.

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  1. I feel the contrast-comparison harmony, Kristin. Well, it only means that you complement each other, right? Anyway, I think you can make a pick pouch for Erick, so that you don’t have to worry about seeing them lying around in every corner of the house. And at the same time, he can put the picks there so that he doesn't lose them or have to look all over the house to find a particular one. Win-win!

    Vinni Smith