Friday, April 24, 2009

Erik's out of town so I have no one to talk to....

So, some things i just had to mention ...

I'm bummed that a client didn't hire me to go speak in Minnesota. Woulda been nice to visit (and work, of course!)

The funny Asian man who works out in Crocs at my gym was there again. That's two spottings this week. I just couldn't not comment. Hilarious.

Listening to Hold my Heart by Tenth Avenue North. New Fav.

Wrote a cool psalm/prayer/praise this morning. Maybe I'll share later.

The neighbors kids ... love to ring my doorbell. And leave their alien super hero collector cards on my porch. And talk to my cats through the window. And try to dupe me into giving money for a fake fundraiser, all schemed up to help pay for the next Batman video game ....

The neighbor dog won't come out to "go potty". Not sure what to do about that, since I'm sposed to be watching her.

My cats miss Erik. Let me be more clear ... Sheridan misses Erik.

i've been cleaning all day and yet......still a disaster.

New thought: there's a difference between clean and picked up. My house is clean.

I got a voicemail from my beloved older sister-in-law today. My only "older" in my life. I've listened to it three times already and it's still saved on my phone. Warms the heart.

I sold a ton of books today. Chiropractors are book buyers. Go figure.

I'm sposed to fax something and got all excited when I remembered we have a fax machine in our basement.

Until I remembered that my husband canceled the phone line. So no faxing.

I don't think I've eaten much today. I seriously think I was thinner in college because I didn't have someone else needing to be fed. Now I eat because Erik reminds me to make dinner. Stranger things have happened.

Both of my cats are on the kitchen table. You'd think I'd think that's gross. I kinda do--i just don't choose to do anything about it. I wonder what that says about me.

I love taking pictures. and now i LOVE Check it out.

There are four--count them 4--guitars sitting next to me in my dining room. Ah, marriage to a musician.

So anyway ... posting this just kept me from all the stuff I want to get done (notice how I didn't say have to get done? I'm trying to recognize it's all a choice...) before Erik gets home tonight.

But posting this was much more fun than cleaning yet another toilet. Or putting away laundry. Or cleaning the cat box. Or vacuuming. Or even eating ... no, scratch that. I just worked out, so I'm actually now hungry. OOoo! Now, eating is much more fun than all the other things I could do..... Let's eat!

Seriously. Random.

AAAAnnnnd..... Scene.


  1. Is he home yet? I'm really awful when Rob's gone, too...I stay up to random hours of the night, clean closets, watch weird infomercials on TV...anything to pass the time. I loved this post - made me laugh. Although, cats on the table....

    Love ya!
    Carol Ann

  2. I was wondering what program you were using for those photos! Thanks for sharing! It is super fun... quicker than paint shop pro for some similar effects! I laughed at your part about the super hero cards! How random! And we've totally had little kids make up fundraiser things to get our money! They think they're so smart! :)

  3. And you got the first smile of my Monday. :-)Your randomness is the bond that binds our kindred spirits.

  4. And this my friend is why I "knew" you for such a short amount of time, but still love you oh so much :)