Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Week 20: I'm Here Dad!

So on the very last day of my 17th week, I felt little Bubba move for the very first time.

On the very last day of my 20th week, Erik finally felt Bubba kick! We were chilling on the basement couch, pretty normal for a late evening at the Lindeens, and as usual I had my hands on my belly, hoping for a hello from my son.

I'd just about given up and gone to bed when I sensed a little movement. And then out of no where, a huge KICK! So I grabbed Erik's hand, told him to concentrate this time, and we waited. And then, a kick! and another and another and another! All in the same spot! Finally, Erik was able to experience the amazing moment of actually feeling his son and his new found strength. With his hand still on my belly--on his son--he typed with his other hand on facebook "I just felt my son kick for the first time!"

I'm so excited that this moment has come! I know it makes it more real for Erik, and I love being able to share this with him. Bubba is definitely getting strong--I feel him very often now! Even my sister Molly was able to catch one of his kicks (or head butts) last night. She was super excited!

Pregnancy is so amazing ... for all of my whining about how my clothes don't fit and I can't eat because my stomach is squished ... this is the most amazing experience ever and I LOVE being pregnant!!


  1. A HUGE smile on my face, dear Kristin! Yes, pregnancy is most definitely the most amazing experience...I felt the same way! And I LOVE that YOU are pregnant and loving it!!! Get stronger every day, little grandson of mine!

  2. Such an exciting time when they let you know they are in there and happy. Wait till he starts to do somersaults in there. That's cool and freaky all at the same time.