Thursday, December 3, 2009

Week 17: Really in there!

So, there's something in my belly! It's finally becoming more clear! I tried sucking in my stomach the other day, and Erik just started laughing because I had to try so hard, and was breathless when I was done--there's actually someone in there!

How cool is it that my child is in my body?!

You know, God could have gone with the whole stork idea--less messy. But instead He chose this marvelous design; I'm so glad He did.

What a privilege to carry my child, to have heartburn because of it, to be up in the night peeing because of it, to have to set aside myself and my desires (though I'm not super good at avoiding my favorite drinks--coffee and an occasional Coke....) for the benefit of my child. What amazing training for parenthood!

Pretty sure I felt Bubba move--freak out really--when I flipped over onto my stomach the other night. Wowsa!! Lots of movement in there!

I'm noticing I'm more likely to find other reasons for "flutterings" because I want to be I've had lots of "muscle twitches" and "gas bubbles"--baby? maybe? maybe not? Time will tell as Bubba gets stronger. I really should just be like some of my friends, and assume everything is Baby moving. It'd be more fun than all this digestive stuff!!

Yay for 17 weeks!


  1. I loved the first movements! So special!! :)

  2. So happy for you, Kristin! Pregnancy is an amazing miracle...and I'm so glad God designed it the way he did. :-)