Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 29: Belly Rubbing

I've mentioned before that blog ideas roll around in my head, fragmented, for an unspecified amount of time before I get them down on "paper." Well, this week's blog hit me hard and fast--at Perkins.

Erik and I had made a late night run to Perkins, as we often did when we were dating. After finishing up our pancakes and various other late-night breakfast foods, we went to pay for our meal.

I noticed that the cashier was pregnant--she had a very cute little baby belly! And before I really understand what is happening, I find myself gently rubbing my very own cute little baby belly that is clothed in a bulky sweatshirt.

Slowly, I became aware of what I was doing and started to ponder why I feel the need--an unavoidable urge really--to make my baby belly more noticeable when I'm around other baby bellies. Is it a competitive urge? Is it a maternal call to arms? Is it a deep need to ensure that this other blessed woman knows that I too am blessed? Is it some form of bonding?

As I am thinking through this, to my private shock and amusement, the cashier raises her right hand ... and begins to rub her baby belly as well!

What is this? Is it some pregnant woman secret language? A silent agreement to acknowledge each others' belly blessings without words? A non-spoken contract of congratulations made without even any eye contact? Seriously--has anyone else noticed this? Or is it just me?

As we walked to the car, I was chuckling. I told Erik, "I just got my blog for the week." He asked how, and I explained the whole 2 minute experience, to which he said, "Oh--she was pregnant? I didn't notice."

Ah, to be oblivious like a man.


  1. That's so funny! I definitely notice myself trying to make my belly look more pregnant when I'm in public because, even though I'm 22 wks., I still just look chubby (I define that by the fact no random person has asked yet "when's the baby due?" so they must still be thinking "Is she pregnant? Or is she just fat?", although plenty of people who already KNOW we're pregnant are already giving me belly rubs & telling me I have a cute bump).

    I'll have to make sure I notice these things as I get bigger. :) Oh pregnancy...all these things you never even thought about!

    ...and yes, such a man!

  2. Oh dear -- just wait until after you have your baby and you STILL find yourself doing it! Keagan was three months old when I was talking to another woman who was pregnant and I found myself rubbing my belly!!!! hahaha

  3. Wow, Kristin! This one is SO well written and I loved reading it!
    (Like I do all your blogs!)
    You have to submit this one somewhere to some magazine so pregnant, belly-rubbing Mamas will all chuckle and smile and agree with you!

  4. Love that you get to experience this and how closely you pay attention to all the fun blessings of carrying a child!
    Zoe 4 and Sam now 2 1/2 and I STILL find myself swaying back and forth to music in church to sooth them - and they're in their little classes down the hall. I'll love to hear your insight as to why I still do this when you comment about doing this about 3 years from now!

  5. Hey- I just try not to notice any other women other than you!