Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 28: Hospital and Bedrest

Did anyone else realize that I totally didn't post a "28 week" blog? I JUST realized it. Wow ...

Well, looking back, the week I would have posted the "28 week" blog, I was at home on bedrest. Strange, that during a week where I had nothing to do and was chained to my house and basically forced to lay on the couch, I didn't remember to post a blog. And must not have had any desire to. But that's kinda what bedrest does to you. It sunk me into depression, slowly but surely, each day a little bit deeper. Having all the time in the world left me feeling like I had no time at all. It was fairly awful.

How often does a person spend a full 24 or more hours in the house? Not very often. At least I don't. And it is NOT good for the soul.

Some might say, "Wow, what an awesome chance to catch up and spend good quality time with the Lord!" Well, I would say that's just idealistic. It didn't happen, because being couped up with little outside interaction, and no exercise makes me want to do .... NOTHING.

I woke up, moved from my bed to the couch, checked a couple emails, and attempted to avoid full out depression. Not exactly an inspiring environment to write a blog in. :)

I'm so grateful that I only had one week of bedrest. I know if I needed to do it for the sake of my baby, then I would--and could--get through. But boy am I thankful that I don't have to!!

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