Monday, May 21, 2012

Cuteness Lately: Joshua Nelson Lindeen, age 2

Joshua brings so much joy into my life. From using various sign language, skilled acting, and animal sounds to tell me about his day at the zoo, to attempting sentences and saying "Please mama, yes mama, please", to signing "more" over and over again to get me to play chase in the gym at the Y .... He is stinkin' hilarious.

Cuteness lately:

He has these hand-me-down water shoes that he adores; he will not stick his feet in the kiddy pool without them.

Erik took him to the zoo today, and he saw a person dressed up in a lion costume. It FREAKED him out. He later woke up from his 3 1/2 epic nap saying, "Wow wow wow wow!" I happened to be in there checking on him, and he was sleeping, then waking as he said this. I think he was still dreaming, because he stood up and adamantly pointed to a bare spot in his crib, and said, "Y-en" (Lion) I think he really was seeing the lion there! We then proceeded to have a long conversation in which he explained to me with facial expressions, body shakes, hand motions, and multiple "roars" and scared "eh eh eh" noises that he had quite a scare with a lion at the zoo. 

He's getting a smattering of freckles across his nose. I'm not sure how I feel about this ... I've never disliked my freckles, so it's not a matter of a mommy passing down her insecurities. I think it's just that they make him look older! It's changing his face--and it's weird! But they're pretty cute too...

He LOVES to help water the flowers. So much so, that he watered them by himself. A lot. And now they're dying. We'll see if they come back from their near-drowning ...

He also loves Toy Story. He often asks for "Buh---eee" which seemed to be a combo of "Buzz" and "Woody" until just recently when he learned to say "Wooooody!"

One of his favorite activities is scrolling through my screensaver photos on my computer. He loves seeing his family!

He dropped his full body weight via his elbow onto my stomach today. Poor mama got hit on both sides--Joshua's weight, and Baby Girl kicking HARD right back at him! Ah, the sibling love is oozing already. :)

He's finally eating a form of chicken other than nuggets--BBQ shredded chicken. Hallelujah!

He is so good at saying "bye"--to everything! Not just people! He'll say bye to the park, bye to the bath water, bye to the movie, by to "outside"--it's like his way of agreeing with us that, yes, it's time to go. Love it!

I could go on .... the kid is just freakin' adorable. In every way. :)

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