Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby L is a Girl!

Wait, what's this? (I had to draw an elephant on the back so he'd look at it!)

Yay! This is cool!

Yay! I really am excited ...
Baby L, 19w6d, HR 153, 12 oz, profile 

The lab tech who took all of the 96 ultrasound photos today kept saying that our baby girl is "stunning" and a "pleasure to scan". Her heart looks great, her spine is beautiful, she has all her limbs, her lips look perfect, her kidneys and bladder are functioning. The doctor who reviewed the images said, "She's awesome!" and the lab tech said, "Whatever you're doin, mama, is working for her--so keep on doing it!"

We are shocked--I didn't have a gut feel either way. Just this morning I was reading a passage in the Bible about Joshua and Caleb, and I got all teary, so I was pretty sure we were going to have brothers. (We'd love to use the name Caleb someday--that's why I got teary.) But God knew we needed a girl, and Joshua needed a sister! We are so excited!!!!!


  1. Yay!!! Such wonderful news!! So incredibly happy about buying PINK!!! ;-)

  2. Congrats! Baby girl clothes are so adorable :)