Saturday, August 4, 2012

33 Weeks: More Nesting

I often can't breathe. I have sporadic "pregnancy panic attacks", my diaphragm is so overworked and squished it hurts, I am stiff and sore, I can hardly put my weight on my left leg .... and yet nesting takes over. The urge to sort, organize, throw, sift, and clean is so overwhelming, it doesn't matter that I am super uncomfortable.

All that matters is the toys, books, blocks, clothes, diapers, nuks, wipes, burp cloths, trains, "guys", stuffed animals and craft items all have a place and a use in this family.

AND that all the random "junk" toys that even the most picky family collects are stealthily set aside and throw away, unbeknownst to the little boy to my left.

Ah, what would a mother do without nesting? I just wish the power of nesting would come at any other time than 33 weeks pregnant. :)

33 weeks ... Baby Boo, we're getting ready for you!!

Toddler bed integrated into upstairs of home ... Check!
Curtains hung ... Check!
Burp cloths folded ... Check! (and I must say, I breathed in the scent of those cloths deeply. They still smell like my baby boy ... *sniff* *tear*)
Toys ruthlessly sorted ... Check!
Baby Boo's name created and hung ... Check!

And the list goes on!

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