Monday, August 13, 2012

S.O.A.P: Matthew 7

It has been a rough morning. With my injured rib and general physical discomfort, I did not sleep well. Thankfully, my hubby traded with me and took the toddler--and I went back to bed. When I finally got up to get to work, I kept thinking to myself, "Man--you're cranky!!" I kinda had to force myself to brew a cup of coffee and crack open my Bible. It's just one of those days where I would have naturally chosen to not crack my Bible, but instead lazily immerse myself in social media or obsessively check my emails, even though not many are coming through.

So here's my S.O.A.P for the day:

S (Scripture): Matthew 7:20 "Thus you will recognize them [believers] by their fruits."

O (Observation): It's so simple--if disease resides within me, I'll produce bad fruit. AKA: this morning. If health is in me, I'll produce good fruit. Simple as that.

A (Application): On a day where I'm particularly grumpy, this was NOT my favorite section/verse to read. Pretty sure no good fruits are falling off this tree today...which is exACTly why I needed to take 10 and get into the Word this morning!

P (Prayer): Lord, catch my attention, call me to be still and rest in Your goodness. Forgive my nasty attitude--and thank you that no one was here today to catch the brunt of it. In spite of me, please work in and through me today. Amen.

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