Monday, August 27, 2012

36 Weeks: Mind Over Matter

It's amazing how my mind can get so set on something. No matter how many times I remind myself I'm 4 weeks out, and Baby Boo is due on September 21st, my mind is convinced she's coming as early as Joshua came--which means less than 2 weeks from now.

Well we all know, that just might not be true. 

And yet, my subconscious seems to have really grabbed hold of the idea. I find myself taking walks more often, randomly doing leg lifts, back stretches, leg stretches, side stretches (as if any of this really does anything) and the other night I had the most incredible urge to get off the couch onto the floor and do sit ups.

What the ... ?!

I think my subconscious is attempting to prepare my body for the inevitable, but it's not sure how to do it. I mean, leg lifts and sit ups? Really? I'm not heading toward the Olympics. 

It is funny though. With the first child, I could more easily settle my thoughts by saying "He's not due until May 4th! Don't get your hopes up that he'll be here early!" But since he DID come early ... and the doctor did say, "If he'd come any later, and any bigger, you may not have gotten him out!" ... it's so much harder this time around to not expect an early baby!

And then my mom reminds me that all of her first three were early ... 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and a few days .... and then the FOURTH one was late. Way to go, Molly. Way to go.

Either way, 2 weeks from now or 4, Baby Boo is a-coming, and I, for one, will be quite happy when she's interrupting my sleep in person, instead of by head butting my bladder and punching kidneys and sitting on nerves and kicking ribs.... :)

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  1. Your choices sound great to me! Glad you and baby boo are doing well :)