Monday, March 16, 2009

It's So Strange to Be Alone!

As I woke up this morning, I was conscious of the fact that I was splayed diagonally across the bed. And I was a little cold.

That's because there was no sleeping lump beside me to take up room or keep me warm. I could turn the lights on and talk to the cats without worry of bothering Erik. I took a lazy shower, and wandered downstairs to make coffee and check email.

Most of my mornings are spent just like this, but I can usually still hear the breathing of my husband still in dreamland upstairs. It's so strange to be alone!

Yet, I'm alone all the time on the road! I guess there, on the road, it is normal to be alone (in king size beds with pillow tops and down comforters. Tough job, but somebody's gotta do it).

Here, in my home, with my cats and my coffee, I expect to hear the creak of the floorboards when Erik finally rolls out of bed. I expect to hear the ridiculously annoying radio come on, just a second before I hear the bathroom door close and the shower come on. I expected to have to go up and turn off the ridiculously annoying radio because it's all commercials, and he can't hear it anyway through the door with the shower on.

I expect to see him doing his hair or putting in contacts when I run upstairs to change. And I expect to have him come downstairs, grab a piece of toast and race out the door to being his day. It's so strange to be alone! But it is SO GOOD FOR US!

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