Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Home Sick

It's amazing what i can learn by essentially being quarantined to my couch. Due to the amount of T.V. i have absorbed in the last 48 hours, I now:

Know that ... the coolest new Crayola toy is 3D markers and paper--with glasses. what happened to good ole crayons?

Recognize that ... Oxyclean is the new "baking soda" of laundry.

Am aware that ... Bentley Baths now has a competitor...but both commercials show old ladies in bathtubs, so it's just doubly weird now.

Can sing ... the "National American University" song word for word.

Found that ... if I'm in a car accident, I should have my registration and license ready, and after calling 9-1-1, I should call 4-1-1. Or wait, should I call 1-800-LAW-HELP instead?

Have decided that ... Frank Azar has a lot of competition...Who to call? Who-to-call? Such a decision...

Am overwhelmed ... ITT Tech, Penn Foster, Heritage College, CollegeAmerica, Westwood, Denver Massage School, Redstone College ... so many CHOICES!!

Kind of believe that ... Suburu cares about the environment.

Agree that ... fruit is healthy to eat. thanks, Government, I wasn't aware.

See that ... Pop tarts are no longer acceptable. Pillsbury wins.

Suggest that ... car insurance commercials are the most ingenious marketing packages ever. Allstate makes you think, Geico makes me laugh, Progressive is just plain creative.

All that knowledge just from
commercials! I won't even get into what I learned from Judge Mathis, Maury and Days of our Lives!


  1. hahahahahaha!!!! I've been sick on the couch, too, and yup. So much TV...

  2. I say after 9-1-1 call 4-1-1...but that is because I am single and think the dude is attractive! :) Others might choose differently according to their status!