Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the Mind of a Child

Abby: Auntie Kristin, look what I made with Legos!
Auntie Kristin: Wow, Princess! That's beautiful! Can you tell me about it? (code for: I have NO idea what this is, and I don't want to offend you by guessing incorrectly.)
Abby: Well, yes! This (pointing to a hut) is where two little dwarfs live. And this, (pointing to tall yellow Legos stacked like stairs), is the imaginary staircase where they can go talk to God and Jesus.
Auntie Kristin: Abby, that's so cool! Do you like to talk to God?
Abby: Yep! And this (clearly she didn't want to talk about God at the moment. Just dwarfs.), this is where they can come, but I haven't finished the house on top yet, to visit heaven, and maybe stay with God sometimes.
Auntie Kristin: That's wonderful! And what's this (pointing to a triangle shaped piece hanging off the edge)?
Abby: Well, that's the plank! That's where the dwarfs can go to, I don't know, walk off the end into the ocean water!
Auntie Kristin: After they've talked to Jesus and visited God?
Abby: Yes.
Auntie Kristin: What's this yellow button thing?
Abby: Um, well, (obviously thinking very hard about this new question) that is the button the dwarfs can push so that they win when they are fighting the bad guys.
Auntie Kristin: The bad guys? Who are they?
Abby: It's big scary people--like us!
Auntie Kristin: Does God help the dwarfs?
Abby: Yes. He uses the imaginary staircase.
The End.

Samuel: Who is going to throw a ball for me?! (repeated several times in a 4 year old voice with great distress.)
Auntie Kristin: Samuel, if you help me clean up the toys, I will throw the ball for you. (Samuel hears the "throw the ball" part, but not the "help me clean" part.)
Elias: Me too?
Auntie Kristin: Yes--if you help clean up the toys. (this was repeated several times as well....)
Samuel: Ok, time to throw so I can hit! Auntie Kristin, who is going to win? (Code for "I am awesome, right?")
Auntie Kristin: Oh I don't know Sam guy. (Distracted as I try to continue to pick up toys)
Samuel: Ok, you're supposed to say, "You are Sam!" And then I say, "Well, I don't know..."
Auntie Kristin: Oh ok--you are sam!
Samuel: Oh I don't know. You might be better than me ... but actually I am the best so I will win and get home runs.
Auntie Kristin: That's right Sam, you are the best.

****After 8 home runs, Samuel was clearly the best, and winning by far. Though of course, I'd never been up to bat and was letting him run while I pretended to struggle getting the ball. Big cousin Elias came over and promptly pointed my behaviour out. Samuel didn't notice; he was too busy being the best and running with such a look of fierce determination, you'd think he was at war.

Elias: Can I have a turn?
Auntie Kristin: Sure Eli!
Elias: Ok, I'm going to get lots of home runs!

******Elias proceeded to score 5 home runs, protesting all the while that I was "letting" him. It's true. That's why I'm an awesome Auntie.

Auntie Kristin: You ready 1, 2, 3......
WHACK!!!! Elias slammed a home run type ball--right into my face.

I just walked into the house. Elias greeted me by excitedly telling me that he had been hit in the face with a ball this morning! So now, we match! Isn't that great?! :)

Abby just hopped up on my lap. She was holding a Lego creation. I asked, "What's this?"
Abby: It's a ship. And if you push this button, cookies come out.
Auntie Kristin: Wow! That's great Ab!
Abby: ANd if you push this button, the cookies go back in.
Auntie Kristin: Oh, well, what if I want to eat them?
Abby: WIth a look of patience, mixed with disdain.... Auntie Kristin, it's just pretend.

THE END. Though I'm sure it's not. :)


  1. It was SUCH a wonderful surprise to have you here the last two days auntie kristin!! :) WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

  2. This is adorable...I can't wait to have conversations like this with my nephew! :) "Yeah, I'm awesome!" hehe...