Monday, July 6, 2009

My Mind is Stuck

For about a week now, I've been overflowing with little snippets of ideas for my next blog. And yet, nothing's coming. The way my mind works is like this: I experience a life experience, and my brain catalogues it against all previous experiences, especially those experiences that resulted in a blog. If it finds no similar experience that resulted in a blog, my mind sets to work molding the experience of the experience into a possible blog topic. Out of this molding, often a sentence appears. Usually, my mind then latches onto said sentence, and an entire blog is birthed based on the one sentence.

But lately, my mind is getting stuck. It keeps experiencing, cataloging, and molding sentences. But the sentences just keep coming--no blog birthing is occurring. It's quite frustrating in fact. I have all these little potentials for blogs ... but the sentences aren't coming to join correctly with a full topic.

Crazily enough, as I write this, I realize this little problem I'm having is much like attempting to conceive. Lots and lots of little potentials for life, but nothing coming together correctly to actually birth life! Ah, the analogies we can find.

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