Sunday, July 19, 2009

Why I Love O'Hare

I have learned to love O'Hare. I used to complain about it because truly--a flight into or out of O'Hare has rarely been on time for me. However, lately, mostly due to one Miss. Paige Spicer's enthusiasm and deep deep love for all things O'Hare, I have come to enjoy my time in the beastly airport.
So, here goes:

1. I love getting a Bently salad at Salad Works. Lettuce, turkey, ham, provolone, egg and tomatoe--what else could one ask for? they seriously make awesomely huge salads.

2. Nuts on Clark. A fav. LOVE. IT. I get excited like a week in advance when I think of flying into O'Hare, purchasing my favorite dark chocolate covered almonds, and munching on them all the way to whereever I'm going. Erik has even learned to associate "trip through/to O'Hare" with "yummy chocolate almonds". Today I even bought some dark chocolate covered pecans. Should prove delicious!

3. The cool psycodelic light display that I get to experience (endure?) when I'm forced to walk from concourse B to concourse D, E, or F (or vice versa). I think they think the lights make the long walk okay. I disagree. But, I guess, they are pretty cool. In fact, I LOVE IT!

4. Artwork on the walkway after the lights before the loooooooong part of the way to concourse F. There's lots of windows, so it's bright, you can see the outdoors, which is nice after being stuck inside all day, and there's cool art things hanging from the ceiling. As well as incredibly creative awesome benches for your sitting pleasure. I like this one best.

5. Hot dogs. I haven't been to Chicago proper in years, but I get a Chicago hot dog at least once every 6 months! How awesome is that?

6. I don't have a picture for this one, but alas, here I go. I seriously love the diversity at O'Hare. I'm not usually one for crowds, but being here, with all the worlds' countries coming together all at once, is so worth the claustrophobic feeling. I love hearing the different languages, watching the employees--of all different ethnicities--come together from all parts of the airport to share lunch together, meeting Australian sweethearts named Ella, and experiencing little tidbits of different cultures by watching or sitting near people different than I. If I can't travel the world, at least the world comes to me at O'Hare.

7. Funny people. There are just funny people here. I.E., Dancing guy with crazy hat. That was a different trip, but I'll never forget him. Today? Elderly woman in a giraffe print flowing dress, with a red flower stuck in the toe of her shoe. How cool is she? Also, just a side note, I've counted 7 ladies so far wearing STILETTOS. Who does that? To travel? For real ladies--be confident enough to don the flip flops, Nikes or Danskos. Or the really awesome velcroe shoes that an elderly gentleman was sporting at he shuffled by me just now. LOVED IT!

8. And last but certainly not least ... the toilets. I just love 'em! A fresh cover every time! One of my biggest pet peeves is rushing into an airport bathroom, just to have to check 6 stalls before finding one that doesn't have left over ishiness all over the seat from the last harried traveler. O'Hare's seats eliminate my problem. LOVE IT.

I love O'Hare. Yeah, the logistics of this place are a nightmare, and on Tuesday, when I land at Concourse F and have exactly 59 minutes to make my flight on Concourse C, I probably won't be singing the airport's praises anymore, but I'd rather have a layover here than anywhere else. Dulles isn't bad, but there are TOO many people. Atlanta's cool, but only if you're lucky enough to be on Concourse D. Minneapolis is a good one too. Denver, well, I've never been "stuck" in DIA cuz it's where I live. But I think it would be okay....Interestingly enough, JFK was a bust. I don't appreciate LAX, and Phoenix, at least the wing we were in, was HORRIBLE! So, I love O'Hare. LOVE IT. At least I do today, since I had a 3 hour layover and not much else to think about.


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  2. You should seriously submit this article to a magazine, Kristin! I can just picture everything you describe...and of course, the photos are awesome! I hope O'Hare greets you with open, diverse arms tomorrow on your way home! When I think of O'Hare...all I think of is...delays, delays, delays...for us or for Tim trying to get home to me one year at THANKS for changing my memory and perspective!