Monday, October 12, 2009

Week 10: Thankful

Caught Up! Written 10-10-09

10 weeks, 4 days

Oh my gosh, it was SO FUN to announce our pregnancy on Facebook!

Surprisingly, a large amount of my emotional support during our journey with infertility came from friends on Facebook. I honestly don’t know how I would have made it if I didn’t have that avenue of friendship!

Of course my face-to-face friends and family provided vital support, but there’s something about the Facebook community that provided a totally different, yet completely necessary kind of support for me. And Erik, I believe.

Friends who I hadn’t connected with since college, even high school, would randomly message me to say that they were praying.

Or one would comment on my status and say a few encouraging words.

Often, it was hard for me to reach out to my “real life” friends
when I was in my darkest moments.

But, because I’m a writer and quite expressive, posting a status on Facebook or writing an emotional blog came easily to me.

And my FB friends responded.

The support these friends, however loose the ties may have been, and however loose those ties may still be, was crucial to my surviving this journey.

So, to every friend, whether we roomed together in college,

shared a degree program,

served as RAs,

roamed the same halls at BHS,

met through mutual friends,

are long-distance cousins,

lived on the same hall at some point,

or simply shared a moment or experience in life that brought us together---thank you.

We could not have survived without you. And we wouldn’t have wanted to!

Thank you for your hope when I lost mine. Thank you for your encouragement when I couldn’t lift my head. Thank you for your prayers when my faith was faltering. Thank you for your funny comments when I hadn’t smiled in days. And thank you for rejoicing with us in this gift—this miracle—that God has given us. May I be able to do the same for you, one day!

We are 10 weeks! I have never felt so tired, had such horrific heartburn, become breathless so easily…and I’m LOVING it!


  1. HA! You liked announcing on Facebook! :) Hehe. Love you!

  2. YEAH!!!! Congratulations friend! I am so excited I am in tears! I will keep praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy little baby! I love you! Kerrie

  3. And in 29 plus weeks you'll be able to announce the birth of bubba on facebook. Can't wait!

  4. Still smiling for you and Erik :o) You look wonderful!! Pregnancy is a beautiful journey -- have fun!! love ya! katie

  5. Yay!! I'm so happy for you!! I wish you an easy, healthy and blessed pregnancy! Congrats!!

  6. looooove the belly picture! (I bet you do too!)

  7. Oh my word!! I am so incredibly excited for you, Eric and the little one! I have been praying for you guys and will continue to as you start on this journey! YAY for baby bumps!!