Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 12: Sick as a ...

So, here's the deal. I don't have morning sickness. I don't have sickness at all--it's AWESOME. I have horrendous heartburn, and have started getting some pretty wicked headaches, but absolutely no nausea to speak of.

But this week, magical week 12, I did not want food. Ugh. Gross. I thought and thought and thought on Wednesday until I realized the only thing I could eat that I actually wanted to eat was Chick-Fil-A waffle fries. MMMMmmmm! Literally, nothing else sounded good. If my couple day aversion to food was even a glimpse into what some pregnant women deal with, WOW am I thankful that I'm not sick as a ... pregnant woman!

I got to see Bubba again yesterday. My doctor's office was involved in a certification or something, so they needed women at my stage to practice their technique. I got $50 bucks and like 30 minutes of watching Bubba flip and wiggle and wave and jump--he even kinda sat up straight up and down at one point! It just baffles me that all of this is going on inside of me, all the time, and I can't feel a thing! It's absolutely phenomenal. Near the end, he was getting stubborn and refused to move into the right position. Then we noticed he had the hiccups! Poor little guy--his whole tiny little 2 inch self would convulse every time he hiccuped! I can't wait til I can feel all of this, as uncomfortable as it will be. What an amazing experience!

My Mom came with me to the U/S. That was sooo special; I'm so glad she could come! When we were done, she teared up a little bit and mentioned how she just can't understand how anyone could look at that little tiny being, and abort it. How in the world?! He's in there--moving around, waving his hands, opening and closing his mouth ... how could anyone deny that it is alive? I just can't comprehend. God must be so heart broken when people choose to abort. It's so heartless ...

This blog really doesn't have a "point" today. I kinda wish it did--I've felt a little aimless in my blogs lately! I feel one brewing though, slightly based on today's sermon at church. We'll see if it comes to anything ... until I get my groove back, you'll just all have to read my random thoughts about Bubba! Week 12 and counting!


  1. It was incredibly special for me to be there. Mary made a good point to day I'll be able to share that with Bubba. I never thought of that. Obviously you will, but grandma too?! Cool!

  2. That is so fun that you got paid to have an ultrasound! 30 whole minutes -- I'm jealous! :)

  3. Very cool to get a paid ultrasound?! awesome!! And, count your blessings for NOT being sick. It is seriously M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E!!! I honestly didn't even know that it was humanly possible to be this nauseaus all.the.time!! =( I'm 12 weeks too! =)