Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week 8: I've Got the Giggles

Written 9/24
8 weeks

I find myself giggling to myself at the strangest of times.

Going through airport security, walking in the beautiful Fall weather, speaking to 70 people, going to the bathroom at 3am …

Suddenly the joy inside of me that I’ve tried to calm for almost a month now bubbles up from my stomach, fills my heart with warmth and reaches my mouth and causes me to burst into a wide smile and exclaim to no one in particular, “I’m pregnant!”

Sometimes there is a hint of a question in the statement, “I’m pregnant?!”, because I still just cannot believe that this gift has been given to me. As I sit here right now, my symptoms of pregnancy are present. I have to pee—again. I feel like my esophagus is being burned by a dragon, and my eyes are foggy and so badly want to rest. My mid section is bloated beyond belief, and due to my messed up blood chromosomes, I have little red-purplish dots all over my belly: burst blood vessels and bruising from my daily shot of blood thinners.

I am so incredibly blessed!

After the ER stint last Saturday/Sunday, we went in for a “real” ultrasound with my doctor’s office. This was the correct U/S experience—the screen was turned toward me, the lights were on, the nurse spoke, she answered my questions, she pointed things out, she told us what she was measuring … and then, there it was.

My little baby. My little blob, just chilling in a sac of fluid. All my worries, all my concerns, all my fretting over the previous 3 weeks….and the baby was perfectly fine.

Friday night (before the ER happened), I remember praying and telling God, “I know You see my little one, and You know if the baby is attached well. You know if there is a heartbeat. You know…so could you just whisper in my ear that everything is okay?”

(I’m now wondering if God, in His infinitely hard to understand ways, decided to “whisper” through spotting, the ER, a killer shot that might save my life and the baby’s and a healthy report. I guess I’ll never know….)

And guess what? I was right. God did know. And there’s the little “it”. I saw the fluttering. I heard the heartbeat. I still cannot believe that there is a second heart beating inside of me. It’s kind of creepy, actually. But so totally cool.

Meet “Bubba the Shrimp”. We call it just Bubba for short. 7w5d, 14.3 MM, HR 153, U/S 9/21

Bubba again, 9/25, due moved from May 7th to May 4th!


  1. Aren't ultrasounds just amazing?? I loved every single time we got to see Keagan. It's weird but so cool at the same time. A little baby growing inside you!!!

  2. !!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TWO...or should i say, THREE!!!!!!

  3. look at that beautiful baby :) i'm so excited for you guys!

  4. Wait till bubba starts to move inside you. Now that's creepy but really cool.

  5. Feeling so wonderfully excited for you, and looking forward to someday seeing my own baby alive on the ultrasound. Like you, the only other time I saw my body was when he/she had died. Thank you for HOPE, Kristin! I think about all the months of reading about yoru struggles with keeping hope, and reading your story especially recently has given me much more HOPE for my own story. I am so glad....I feel like you have moved from hope to JOY. :)

  6. LOVE reading all your latest posts! I am SO happy for you and Erik!! I am also SO thrilled we were able to share in being pregnant together for a little bit! (And our kids will be so close in age!!) But most of all, I'm so glad you still have your HOPE, and now it is in the form of little bubba! Who moves and waves at you!!! :) I love you both so much!