Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Week 13: People Say Funny Things

Upon seeing my baby bump for the first time, my brother says, "Aw, come on--you could suck that in!"

My nephew Samuel, when he heard me call the unborn Baby Lindeen "Bubba", said, "Auntie Kristin, what's his REAL name?" I asked what he meant and he said, "Bubba isn't a name, Auntie Kristin."

My sister Tara calls to me from the kitchen, "Hey Pregnant One--refill your water bottle."

Ethan, my oldest nephew, explained to me why he wants it to be a girl. "Well, at first I really wanted a boy because there are so many girls. But then I realized I'll be 14 when this baby is 5, so I won't play with it at all. So, it should be a girl, since Abigail, Serenity, Lydia and Katelyn are all girls, and all younger."

I think I enjoyed my 13th week, but I'm not sure--it FLEW by! I can't believe it's over! It's a blur to me. A blur consisting of speaking in Kansas, meeting fun people, flying out of Denver in a blizzard, spending too much time in the Detroit airport, flying not once, but twice into Erie PA airspace (only landing once), driving to Jamestown NY, speaking again, meeting wonderful people there, racing from my late flight to my flight to Denver--through Detroit in my heeled boots--spending one night with my hubby before boarding another flight to Minneapolis where I spent a perfect weekend reconnecting with my siblings, and seeing my nieces and nephews. I'm beat--and I'm pretty sure Bubba is too!

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