Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Joshua

Dear Joshua, 

You sure are cute. I just can't get over how cute you are! What did I do to deserve such a handsome little man? 

I love the noises you make, even when they keep me up at night. 
I love the wiggles you do, even when it's hard to keep a hold of you.
I love the smiles you give, even if they actually come from gas. :) 
I love the feel of you in my arms, even when I'm sweaty and hot from holding you all night.
I love when you look up at my while nursing, even though nursing gets kinda old, really fast. 
I love how you suck so crazy hard on your nuk, even though you cry every time you drop it. 

I love how little you look in Erik's arms, I love how loud you burp, I love watching you squirm and turn red--even though I know you're making a big mess for me to clean up. 
I love bathing you and watching you calm down under my touch. 
I love your newborn little cry, even though it's getting louder and more demanding every day. 
Dear Joshua, I have prayed for you, and cried for you, and yelled in hope for you ... and here you are. Turning my life upside down. Making me question my sanity for choosing to be a mom ...

And confirming for me the glorious miracle that is motherhood. I love you little man, and can't wait to watch you grow.


  1. So very happy for you, Kristin, as you are discovering the miracle of being a Mom! This is the beginning of a life of LOVE for this little son of yours. It never, ever matter how big or far away they are! Love you!

  2. This made me CRY! I love how being a mom we naturally all feel this way! As I was reading your post, I could have written those exact words for each one of my babies... Loved reading this!

  3. Love this post Kristin. Love how you love your baby boy. Love watching you be a mom. I love you!

  4. So, so sweet. He really is so stinking adorable!

  5. I love this and echo everyone's previous comments. I also continue to be blown away by your photography! Great photo.