Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day is great ... for Mothers

It's weird to be here.

Where is here? Mothers Day. I'm a mother--on Mothers Day. 

Last year, I was not a mother on Mothers Day, and that made me quite sad. And angry. And bitter.

It was not a good day, Mothers Day last year. 

In fact, I had attempted to plan a trip to San Francisco for Mothers Day weekend just so I wouldn't have to attend church on the dreaded day. I planned the whole trip, booked tickets, told a bunch of people that we were getting away from Mothers Day ... and then I realized I'd booked the wrong weekend. Our trip was the weekend before Mothers Day weekend.

I still ended up at church on Mothers Day. 
It was a rough day. See blog here.

This year I was at church on Mothers Day. 
It was a great day. 

It's amazing how much can change in a year.

Last Mothers Day, I was upset--very. Like I said, it was a rough day.

This Mothers Day, I am on the other side. I have my miracle boy; he's here, he's nursing, he's depriving me of sleep. It's beautiful, it's amazing, and I still pinch myself daily--I just can't believe how much has happened in a year. 

Today, on yet another Mothers Day at church, I witnessed a couple leave church early, with somber faces, and silent tears. My heart wrenched, because I have been there. I know exactly what it's like to think I'm strong enough to make it through the service, to smile through the tears ... but I wasn't.

Mothers Day is a wonderful day. It's important to remember our mothers, and grandmothers. It's good to honor them for all they do.

But I will always hurt for the women who long for motherhood every day of the year, but especially on Mothers Day. It's just a sucky day if you want to be a mother, but aren't. 

So to all the women out there who wish, hope, and pray for motherhood--you are not invisible. You are not alone. I know my remembering the pain I had a year ago doesn't take away your current pain, but I hope somehow, in someway, our journey can bring you hope. 

I'm so blessed to be a mother to a precious little boy named Joshua. One year ago, I never would have guessed that today I would finally attend church on Mothers Day as a mother.
Thank you Lord!

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  1. Thank you, Lord...for Kristin and Erik's little miracle...our miracle grandchild, Joshua.
    And thank you, Lord, for her heart that will always remember the pain and be compassionate to those who are still waiting for their miracle...