Sunday, May 30, 2010

Part I: Pastor's Wife ... Who me?

When I was 8, I told God that I wanted to marry a business man. Not a pastor. I was very specific in my statement. Notice I was telling God--not requesting, not asking, not simply expressing a desire. I was informing Him of how my life would be. (FYI--this became a pattern ... )

I revised this statement in high school when I was dating a guy who probably wasn't going into business. So, I modified my submission to include a man who might be a teacher or a sports broadcaster. I reaffirmed the "not a pastor" piece, and felt quite content with my future. 

Then in college, I suffered a number of crushes on a variety of guys, so my "Life Partner Qualifications" became even more broad, to include social work, vague careers in the field of communications, and higher education. While I did "crush" on guys who wanted to go into ministry, I knew that their desire to pastor people was an indication that I would not spend my life with them. So the "not a pastor" requirement held strong. 

I started dating Erik. Luckily, he wanted to be a rock star. So I was safe. 

Then I realized, he actually already worked at a church. *Gasp* No worries though--he was the Youth Worship Guy. Translation? Rock Star. So, still safe.

We got engaged. (Yippee!) He job searched. (Not so yippee ... ) He got a job--at a church. As a Youth Pastor. (It's okay. This I can deal with.) See, Youth Pastor's Wife is not so scary. Youth Pastor's Wife is actually kinda cool. You get to stay young by hanging out with the Next Gen kiddos. You get to be cool by knowing their lingo etc. etc. It's not like being a *gulp* real Pastor's Wife. Yikes. 

Then my wonderful husband decided to job search again (yippee because it was time, but not yippee because it's no fun.) He was really debating between going the Worship Guy route (i.e. Rock Star) or the Youth Pastor route (i.e. I'd kinda be a PW, but it'd be okay cuz I'd be cool. As explained above.)

Because God is who/how He is/likes to be, Erik ended up with a job where he is not only the Worship Guy (i.e. Rock Star), but is also the Youth Guy (i.e. sorta deemed a pastor, depending on who you ask) and also kinda falls into the "Number 2" position (i.e. he's one of only two full time staff, so, well, you do the math.)

So what does this make me? After all this suggesting, telling, stating and submitting to the Lord? 


How did this happen? I specifically told God my requirements, and yet here I am: a PW. 

What is God up to?


  1. That sounds exactly opposite of what I expected for my life. I felt that I was being called to be a pastor's wife since I was in high school, and lo and behold, the man that God led me to is not only not a pastor, but scared to death of the idea of teaching anyone.

  2. Where did your brain come from? This is a Kristin I want to know better. I love you daughter!

  3. Ahh yes, the God of refinement..... I also told God I would not marry a pastor. Didn't go so well for me either.

    Hang on for the ride, my friend. I find that I rarely know what God is up to:)

    So glad you're at Discovery!

  4. I'm glad you are a pastors wife! You and Erik have both ministered to Mike and I more than you know! I thank God that you are a pastor's wife (sorry)