Saturday, May 8, 2010

Walgreens Revelation

I finished nursing and told Erik that I needed to run to Walgreens. I was out the door before the poor little guy (Josh, not Erik) had even been burped properly. Think I need some time alone? I think so. :)

It was at Walgreens that I had this revelation: I am not the only new mom out there

I know--shocking right? Well, obviously it's very easy to think I'm the only one journeying through this right now. That I'm the only one not sleeping, continuously worrying, always nursing and needing encouragement. 

I was checking out and paying for my newborn diapers, BreatheRight strips, Dove soap and gas drops when another customer got in line behind me. I glanced up and smiled, and then looked again--ah! A new mom like me! 

She had all the markings--
bags under her make-up-less eyes; 
partially combed, probably not washed hair; 
a baggy shirt that didn't hide her recently pregnant bulge; 
over-sized sweats; 
Lansinoh products and Pampers wipes in her basket.

I considered saying hello and making the new mom connection, but couldn't quite figure out how to do that without seeming somewhat creepy. 

It turned out she was parked right next to me too, and I'm pretty sure I heard her heave the same big sigh that I found myself heaving as we got into our cars . 

New mommyhood--I'm not the only going through it, and I'm not the last. We should just all wear shirts that say,  
"Yes, I have a newborn at home. I love him, but he's draining my every reserve. 
I might fall asleep while I'm talking to you. 
Please don't be offended." 

Or perhaps, the markings are quite clear--we probably don't need the shirts. It's hard to miss a partially sleep walking woman purchasing diapers and breast pads while wearing clothes covered in spit up!

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  1. haha, I love the "might fall asleep while talking to you" part -- I definitely remember those days! It does get better! Soon he'll be sleeping through the night and you'll hardly remember all those sleepless nights!