Monday, July 12, 2010

18 Minutes

At 1:46 pm I glided out my front door for the first time in over 9 months.

My initial thoughts, "Ah--rollerblading is glorious. Positively glorious!" I savored each powerful stroke, and drank in the beautiful sunshine on this Colorado afternoon.

18 minutes later, after battling the Colorado wind and struggling in the high semi-arid heat, my thoughts, "This sucks. Pregnancy killed me. I'll never rollerblade again."

*sigh*--the beautiful process of recovering from the labor and delivery of my precious angel.

The song pumping in my ears as I pushed my way home was, ironically, "Never Going Back to Ok" by The Afters. At least a smile was brought to my face as I sweat my way up the sidewalk, thighs burning and knees aching.

The lyrics? "It's not the end. But it feels like is. I'm waking up, Like I'm back from the dead ... Never going back to ok. Never going back to the way it was, never going back to okay ..."

Rollerblading may never be the way it was before. I'm "never going back to ok".  "OK" being the way I was, well, before--in shape, no stretch marks, free as a bird to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted ...

And that's okay with me. :)

Just remind not to roller blade with such gusto again. At least until I'm a little more in shape ....

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