Friday, July 16, 2010

To Theory or Not to Theory ...

I'm so over baby books. Baby theories, sleep schedules, eating time frames, wake activities and experts opinions.

Joshua seemed to finally enjoy the eat-wake-sleep cycle. Life was good.

Enter supposed Growth Spurt combined with First Cold, following First Vacation to Minnesota ...

We now have no schedule. And for a Mommy who can't seem to get her baby to sleep much at night, I was at least proud of his daytime "routine".  We were working toward a schedule, and definitely had a routine ... now we don't even have a routine! He wakes, plays, sleeps, eats, sleeps, plays, sleeps, wakes, eat ... my goodness.

Just now, after 30 minutes of nursing (he's 12 weeks old--shouldn't he be faster by now??), he finally seemed finished. I sat him up, he opened one eye, squinted at me, and promptly SCREAMED until I nestled him back against my chest so he could finish his catnap. Slightly annoyed, I tried to relax.

And then, for the first time in a few weeks, I heard his breathing increase, heard the familiar noise of REM panting, and look down to see my beautiful son, smiling in his sleep. I loved watching him do this as a newborn, and haven't seen it as often since we've been working on him napping without my help.

What a precious moment! I love that little dream-smile. And with that, he woke up. He's now content in his swing, staring at his fishy friends and cooing about his perfect little life.

So, he may be totally off the eat-wake-sleep cycle, he may still eat as often as every two hours--24/7 mind you. No nighttime break for this mommy. He may catnap while he nurses, and wake when he's supposed to be napping.

But you know what? He'll be fine. Just fine. And I love him.


  1. That's a great attitude to have! Just try to remember that it won't last forever -- now that Keagan is about to turn 2, I find myself missing all those little moments where I had to nurse him CONSTANTLY and he wouldn't sleep through the night and I got absolutely nothing done. They grow up way too fast...and I know you hear that a lot. :)