Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day One without Facebook

I knew it was an obsession.

I knew it was a time waster.

But wow--I didn't know it was an actual addiction.

Yesterday I decided to give up Facebook for Lent. I started today. Half way through the day.

Please, let me tell you how many times I've thought, "Oo! Status update" and reached for my laptop or phone.

Or, on some sort of creepy autopilot, I'd find myself directing my computer mouse toward the shortcut for Facebook on my browser. It's no longer there, so often today I clicked on the "Picnik" shortcut that is now in that spot.

When I walked to the gym and was enjoying the glorious Colorado sun, I wanted to post.

When Josh grinned and giggled and pointed for a full five minutes at my TEETH of all things, I wanted to post.

When my Dad offered to change Joshua, and I got to sit and listen to them giggle and shout and play from the next room, I wanted to post.

When Tasha and I played with Josh on the tramp, and Joshua got scared of my parents' horse, I wanted to post.

When I discovered that Josh loves BBQ pork and peas, I wanted to post.

When I was bored and tired of sifting through emails and chasing clients, I wanted to browse.

When I was procrastinating on drafting a document, I wanted to stare mindlessly at the home feed.

When I was wondering what Erik, my husband who I should be connected to in other ways, was up to, I wanted to search his page.

How sick IS this?

Very. Very very sick.

And so, I take a break. We'll just see if I'm even missed in the FB world when I'm gone ... or if I miss it that much at all.


  1. I gave fb up for lent too. I feel ya girl.

  2. I've been limiting my online time and have found how difficult yet so very refreshing it has been as well....funny how something that started a mere 5-6 years ago has become such a huge part of our life. Good luck on your break!