Monday, March 28, 2011

Entitlement Thinking and My Abs

It dawned on me tonight:

I struggle with entitlement thinking.

If you're not sure what entitlement thinking is, just picture yourself thinking you deserve something simply, well, because. Entitlement thinking is the opposite of humility, hard work and determination.

Still having trouble?

Well, here's a perfect example.

Entitlement thinking picture: Me, 11 months after having a baby, expecting to have rock hard abs and a trim waistline.

Reasonable you say? With hard work and determination and discipline, sure. But ask me how many sit ups I do a day--go ahead, ask me.


6 out of the 7 days a week, I probably do ZERO sit ups, crunches, leg lifts--you name it, I don't do it. And then I look down, and, in a completely surprised and aghast tone, I say, "What?? Why is my stomach not flat??" "How dare my muscles fail me like this!"

To be fair, once in a blue moon I pull out my TurboJam "Ab Jam" or my Brazil Butt Lift "Tummy Tuck" --but twice a month doesn't cut it.

And then my entitlement thinking sets in.

"I should still have a flat stomach!" "It's in my genes!" "I never had to work at it before!" "I was a gymnast for 10 years--doesn't that count for anything?!"

You should hear me; it's ridiculous. As if being a gymnast for 10 years 14 years ago has any weight on my muscle tone now. Post pregnancy. With no diet and rarely a sit up.


And so, here I sit, with my non-rock hard abs, and my opposite of flat stomach ... and I blog. With my "Tummy Tuck" DVD right next to me.

Kudos to me, I forced myself to do 15 crunches when playing on the floor with Josh a few hours ago. To even be sore tomorrow, I'd need to do like, 200.

So not going to do that tonight.

Yippee--go me.



  1. Hahahaha! Totally me. Which is why it took 15 months for me to fit back into my pants and such after Bella. Never had to do a sit-up in my LIFE before Bella. Now... I'm embracing my jiggly stomach. I claim it makes me more "curvy." And men like curves, right?? :-)

  2. That's what Erik keeps telling me .... :/

  3. I love it. I haven't [willingly] done crunches...ever. May have to start. Shoot. I stepped on my wii fit about a week and a half ago and was informed it had been 283 days since I'd last worked out...approximately a week after I found out I was pregnant!
    At least when the weather gets more spring-y here, I'll be able to go for walks again!
    P.S. Sorry if this comment shows up like 3 browser is going nutso.

  4. Ugh, I hear ya!! After I had Corbin, I lost all the weight plus 10 pounds...doing absolutely nothing! And after having Madden has been different. I guess I'll have to embrace the extra flab on my stomach. I know my abs are under there somewhere;)