Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dear Joshua: Where'd you learn that?!

It's so amazing to be a mom, and watch this little person develop right before your eyes. How many times a day does Joshua do something, and I'm like, "What? Where'd you learn that??" The noises he makes, the facial expressions he throws our way, the movements, the obsessions, the mischievousness ... every day is a bundle of surprises with the Little Buddy.

He cracks me up. I find myself with sore abs, not because I'm working out so hard (ha.) but because I'm laughing so hysterically, with great awe and appreciation, at my son, who is a little ham.

Dear Joshua, you make Mommy smile. You make me laugh. You make me cry--with joy. In spite of the obsession with being held by me (which, as frustrating and draining as it is, is pretty darn heart warming and adorable ...) and in spite of your drool, and dirty face, and banana-crusted hair, I can't imagine my days without you.

Yes, it's hard to get stuff done when you are constantly clawing at my knees, or hanging onto my pants. Yes, it's draining and tiring that you still like to see me at least two times during the nighttime. And yes, getting out the door on time is a whole new endeavor, especially when, somehow, EV-ER-Y single time, you get a hold of my keys and won't let go.

But also yes, I love you. Yes, I'd never ever regret YOU. I will take every struggle, every stage, every tantrum, because I know these moments are overwhelmed by the moments of smiles, and cuddles, and exhilarated play, and fascinating discovery, and laughter, and constant pointing and joyous screams, and unadulterated glances of love. You love me--and it's amazing to know that my love can continue to grow and swell each and every day. I will never tire of you, Little Buddy. You are my joy!


  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Look at Joshua walking behind his toy!!! He is doing GREAT! He may be walking before we come for his birthday! I am laughing and crying with both joy and because I miss him so much! Love you, Josh...and thank you, Mommy for posting this and for your beautiful blogs.

  2. LOVE IT!! What a precious video!! Miss him bunches!