Thursday, February 23, 2012

Heart Beat!

Heard a heartbeat today! Baby L is 9 weeks, 6 days, with a heart rate of 168 BPM.

And for all of you who immediately think "GIRL!" .... Joshua's HR at 10 weeks 2 days was 169 BPM. So .... we'll see!

I could hear my heart beat and Baby L's at the same time ... it sounded so amazing. The baby's beat was almost perfectly double mine. We're making music together already!

I was so spoiled with Joshua. We got ultrasounds at 7 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, 14 weeks, ..... This one, unless something bad happens, which of course I hope it doesn't, we won't get to see until 20 weeks! It's just so different not seeing the little one so often!

But I'm sure grateful I asked for a doppler today. They normally don't listen for a heartbeat at 9 weeks (what is WITH this doctor??) but she said, "Well, you're skinny enough, as long as you promise not to get anxious if we can't find it, I'll try." And we found it! Good little cooperative baby. :)

Yay for a heartbeat! We're moving along!


  1. She seriously said "You are skinny enough, we will try?" Oh my gosh, really? Wow, so glad that when they couldn't find the heartbeat (and I was at 9 weeks like you) they didn't just tell me it was b/c I am not skinny! LOl! My midwife explained that it usually isn't very common to hear the heartbeat that early on, and waiting another week or two has much better chances. Who knew? lol! -Nath

  2. I know!!! I thought it was odd too, but I guess it makes sense. 9 week is early to hear one with the doppler, but I think her point was I'm so petite that the uterus was easy to find, as it doesn't have anywhere to hide! It bulges out a lot faster on shorter people I guess. :) She found it pretty quick! haha.

  3. How exciting Kristin and music to your ears! Congratulations :)