Monday, August 16, 2010

Driving through the hills

Today I drove from Dulles International Airport to Moorefield, WV. Preparing for this trip, it never occurred to me that I would be making a very pretty drive. The green rolling hills of western Virginia were gorgeous as I wound my way over rivers and around rocky bends into West Virginia. 

Colorado is beautiful-strikingly so. But I sure do love these moments in the Eastern states, where roads like "Trout Run", "Turkey Run", and "Squirrel Gap Run Road" criss cross with the "Lost River" and "Crooked Creek" through valleys and canyons named after battles that I remember from my history books.  A hotel founded in 1933 boasts "T.V. and A/C" and across the road is a restaurant called "Freeze King".  Different shades of green layer softly in the distance, each level of hills and trees adding to the beauty. Dilapidated trailers with classic red convertibles parked out front sit opposite traditional, turn-of-the-century farm houses with American flags draped on the porch rails. Quaint hillside churches proclaimed to me that "Jesus cares" and "prayer has no roaming charges". The town I was in was founded 1777. That's old.

It's just a different kind of beautiful out here--and I'm glad I get to see it.

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  1. Great post, Kristin. I love seeing the variety of God's beautiful creation. I may have my favorites, but as I see new places it reminds me of the depth of God's creativity!

    Love ya and praying for you as you are back in business - travel and all. Proud of you - you're a great mom and are juggling life well, honoring God as you go. Woot, woot!