Sunday, August 8, 2010

On Your Dedication Day ...

Skinned knees
Runny noses
Tears of joy
Yelps and screams
Warm baths
Melty popsicles
Grass-stained jeans
Sunburned cheeks
Messy clothes
Tired yawns
Stamping feet
Grimy hands
Singing lips
Questioning minds
Loving hearts
Angry cries
Stubburn stomps
Wounded spirits
Whispered comfort
Cuddly hugs
Sloppy kisses

Today, we dedicate our son, Joshua. I am dedicated to you as your mommy, mom, mother, mama. 
I will love you, I will cherish you. 
I will teach you about God, I will try my best to show you Jesus. 
I will make mistakes, I will let you fail. 
I will lead the way, I will learn to let go.

To you, my little boy, my precious angel, my gift from God--to you, Joshua Nelson, I dedicate my heart, my energy, my life. I hold you with open hands, and trust the Lord to help me raise you. You will do great things for Him ... you already have. 

To my Joshua, my Little Buddy, with love on your dedication day, 

Your Mommy