Friday, August 20, 2010

I Love You More ...

Dear Joshua,

I love you more than ... 

Mommy loves coffee and Diet Coke.

Grandpa loves cigars and Nug the Pug.

Uncle Mike loves protein shakes and video games.

Auntie Jen love chocolate and her kiddos.

Grammie loves musicals and iced tea.

Auntie Molly loves soccer and Cardo.

Uncle Jordan loves sports and chicken fried chicken.
I love you more than ... 

Daddy loves graham crackers and U2.

Uncle Ziggy loves grilling and Insanity. 

Auntie Beth loves naptime and dress up.

Uncle Chris loves computers and orange tshirts.

Grandma loves iced Americanos and Roxy.

Auntie Tara loves Eva and apples. 

Grandad loves sunny mornings and bike rides.

Dear Joshua, we all love you so much ... and thank God for you every single day! There's nothing better in this world than your chubby little cheeks, your drooly little smile, your excited kicking legs, your sparkling big blue eyes.  There's nothing better in this world that your precious little coos, your zealous yells and screams, and your soft sleepy sighs. 

I love you little Joshua, more than you'll ever know or imagine. Mommy loves you!!


  1. Ooooh! This is great, Kristin! And YES...we ALL love Joshua...more than our favorite "stuff!"

  2. Just read this one again, Kristin, and I love it, how you really KNOW all of your family! I would love a copy of this makes me smile! And it tells how much we ALL just love that little son of yours!